January 23, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Create your Financial Plan: If you are going to dedicate yourself 100% to work from home, you must take the money factor into consideration.

My recommendation has always been: if you have a traditional job, keep it until your venture takes off and you can cover your basic expenses, since the return on investment will not be immediate.
Design a Business Plan: You need to create a business plan (in case you are undertaking) and define your marketing strategy.

It is true that a good idea is useless if you do not make it known, but I do not recommend investing in advertising from the beginning and here I share my free Digital Marketing plan for Bloggers.
Prepare a Contingency Plan: You need a good internet service to work from home and have basic technical knowledge, since you will not have the computer equipment of your company.

To be prevented in the event that your computer stops working, always keep backups of all the relevant information and have on hand the contact of someone who can help you repair it..

Quick Tip:

Achieving success with an online job is not a matter of luck, but of desire.

Once You Find Your Niche, Focus!
As you may have noticed, I am one of those who think that when starting a web project, it is very healthy to explore and try different approaches. But in order to excel in the digital world we will have to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

A proven way to achieve this goal is to have a niche and give it an innovative approach (the one you find after trying different themes and points of view), analyzing the reaction of your audience..