January 30, 2020 - Reading time: ~1 minute

This is, without a doubt, one of the most popular work from home among millennials and the Z generation.

The earnings on YouTube and your opportunity to earn money from home with this type of remote work will depend on the success you achieve with your channel. This is influenced by the theme or niche you are going to discuss, the keywords you promote and the virality you achieve with your content, as well as your authority on the subject, the advertisers who pay to appear in your videos, the countries where your subscribers reside , etc.

The minimum I see in my personal content is $ 1 for every thousand impressions. This means that if for example, you have 35 million views, you could generate about $ 35,000.00 dollars per month! It may become less, but also much more and everything depends on each specific case.

Quick Tip:

Achieving success with an online job is not a matter of luck, but of desire.

Once You Find Your Niche, Focus!
As you may have noticed, I am one of those who think that when starting a web project, it is very healthy to explore and try different approaches. But in order to excel in the digital world we will have to differentiate ourselves from our competition.

A proven way to achieve this goal is to have a niche and give it an innovative approach (the one you find after trying different themes and points of view), analyzing the reaction of your audience..